Thank you for joining us in 2023

What a week for sustainability in the Clare Valley, with the inaugural Clare Valley Sustainability Forum elevating the regional conversation on environmental, economic and social sustainability for the Clare Valley wine industry.

Thirty five members attended the forum which showcased a diverse lineup of speakers, with a keynote address from Dr. Mary Cole, well-known academic and plant pathologist based in Victoria with a passion for biological farming and stewardship of our land. ....

On May 5-6 we had the pleasure of hosting for a series of workshops by Dr. Cole on biological farming and composting. With over 40 years of experience in improving soil and plant health, Dr. Cole shared her knowledge with local grape growers and winemakers who are dedicated to protecting the land and enhancing the quality of their fruit.

We are grateful for the funding and support of Agpath, the EcoVineyards Project, Wine Australia and Jim Barry Accommodation for making these workshops possible.