AWRI Advanced Viticulture Scholarships

We are excited to announce the CVWGA's inaugural scholarship to participate in the AWRI Advanced Viticulture Course! This fully-funded scholarship will enable a member to attended the industry-leading four-day viticulture course, valued at $3300.The course is aimed at practising viticulturists with an interest in innovation and is limited to a maximum of 25 participants to ensure an intensive and interactive learning experience. For more information on the course, please click here.

Criteria for applications:

  1. Provide a summary of information to benefit the region e.g. a brief presentation at the sustainability forum, details distributed via the Association websites and communication platforms, etc.
  2. Employer endorsement required if applicable.
  3. Must be a current 2023 CVWGA Member Business

Open to all levels of involvement in the industry, including, but not limited to; vineyard workers, viticulturist, vineyard hand, etc.

Download the Criteria Document here

Announcing the 2023 AWRI Advanced Viticulture Scholarship Recipient

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08 Dec 2023

2023 CVWGA AWRI Advanced Viticulture Course Scholarship

Congratulations to Michael Harrold, Vineyard Manager at Pikes Wines, who was the successful recipient of the 2023 CVWGA AWRI Advanced Viticulture Course Scholarship. The scholarship funded Michael to attend AWRI’s intensive four-day course on the latest techniques and technologies in viticulture

Michael Harrold Pikes W Ines

26 Oct 2023

Announcing the recipient of our inaugural scholarship

It gives us great pleasure to announce that Michael Harrold, vineyard manager at Pikes Wines, has won a place on the AWRI Advanced Viticulture Course. Michael was the successful applicant for the first of two scholarships to be awarded by the Association this financial year, supported by funding from the Wine Australia Regional Program.