14 September 2023

In 2020, China was Australia's most valuable export market for wine. However, since the anti-dumping trade tariffs on wine were introduced by China later that same year, the lucrative trade was effectively ended. After years of looking for alternative markets in challenging conditions, there is hope on the horizon for the Australian wine industry as dialogue has opened up between the Chinese and Australian governments following the removal of similar tariffs on barley.

As part of these discussions, SA Premier Peter Malinauskas has arranged a 40-strong trade delegation to visit China to help pave the way for a resumption of trade between China and South Australia. Travis Fuller, CEO Kilikanoon Wines, has been invited to be part of this delegation to represent the wine industry and bring his considerable knowledge and wine expertise to the discussions.

This morning, Travis was with the South Australian Premier at the airport for a short press conference and said that he is "proud to represent South Australian wine on our delegation to China with Premier Peter Malinauskas today. Let’s hope we can reinforce the quality of our wine and the depth of our enduring relationship.”