Assessing the future demand for water is a critical part of a new project to deliver a secure, long-term sustainable and affordable water resource for Clare Valley to support viticulture, agriculture and jobs in the region.

Existing and potential water users are invited to join a public meeting where Kellogg Brown and Root (KBR) will provide an overview of its commercial and industry demand-led approach for water in the region.

The objective of the Clare Valley Water Project is to investigate water supply and delivery options for sustainable and secure water to meet existing and future water demands of the region. KBR has been engaged by PIRSA to prepare a preliminary business case and wants to understand current and future water requirements of existing and prospective water customers in terms of quality, quantity, timing of delivery and price. This information will help to inform options to improve water security for existing and new Clare Valley and surrounding water users.

Participants will be provided with an Expression of Interest form, which will enable water users to confidentially express their interest in their preferable water product. The Expression of Interest form is not legally binding.

You play a critical role and your participation is encouraged as it will inform the commercial and economic viability of potential water infrastructure options for the Clare Valley. All meetings present the same information.

Meeting 1

5pm-7pm, Tuesday, 3 May 2022
Manoora Centennial Park Clubrooms
Barrier Hwy Manoora SA 5414

Meeting 2

9am-11am Wednesday, 4 May 2022
Spalding Oval Complex
RM Williams Way Spalding SA 5454

Meeting 3

1pm-3pm Wednesday, 4 May 2022
Balaklava Sports Club
7 Werocota Rd Balaklava SA 5461

Please RSVP to Clare Valley Wine & Grape Association by Monday, 1 May 2022 to

If you cannot attend a meeting but would like to receive the presentation and the Expression of Interest form, please email